Balloon Fly

Saturday, August 14th 8:00AM-12:00PM & 

Wednesday, August 18th 2:00 – 6:00PM 

(Weather date: Sunday, August 15th 8:00AM – 12:0PM & Thursday, august 19th 2:00 – 6:00 PM)

We will fly two balloons (red and orange) at two different locations within Mickie Gordon Memorial Park at the proposed height of 155′. We will then take photographs from several locations in the surrounding area (shown below). A monopole will then be superimposed and scaled, using the balloon as a height reference point. The photo simulations will show how the proposed facility would look from various vantage points.

If you would like a photograph taken from your property and made into a photo simulation, please complete the form below. We will contact you to confirm your interest and set up access to photograph from your property. 

Use this form to request a photo from your location during the balloon fly on August 14th/15th.

By submitting this form, I am acknowledging I am the owner of the referenced property and consenting to grant Milestone Towers permission to access my property during the hours of 8AM-12PM on Saturday August 14, 2021 and Sunday August 15, 2021 (if needed due to inclement weather) for the purpose of taking a photograph of the balloon(s) being flown at Mickie Gordon Park.
**NOTE: photos will only be taken by Milestone on August 14th/15th.